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Types of Glass Block Windows

Are you searching for “Types of Glass Block Windows” while looking for information about what types or styles there are? We have detailed some of the wonderful styles that glass block windows comes in. Investing in quality glass block is an important choice.

Glass Block Windows

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One style of glass block is the see-through type.  When looking through this glass you can see perfectly almost like a window, they are also different than most styles that provide a hazy or blurred view. If you have plants in see-through glass block windows, they will receive adequate sunlight — these windows allow light to penetrate completely without interference.

Vertical and Horizontal Rib

A different style is vertical and horizontal rib glass block.  This glass helps maintain privacy by prohibiting anyone from seeing through the glass. Sunlight is able to pass through this glass, just not as much as the see-through version.  This window separates the horizontal from the vertical and all ribs are on the inside for ease of cleaning.


There is also a diamond like pattern, which allows light to penetrate while giving a small amount of privacy.  These windows are designed to allow them to create shadows in a room. The diamond style can add elegance and refinement to your home. Diamond glass block windows have a different pattern all on its own. These windows are usually used in bathrooms.

Grid Pattern

The grid pattern is another style you can contemplate if you want privacy but still want to let the light in.  One benefit of the grid style is that it will eliminate any type of glare.


The crystalline glass block provides more of a dressy or elegant appearance.  This type of window allows the majority of the sunlight to pass through but the design also allows you to retain your privacy.


Wavy glass block windows are by far the most desirable glass block style. This glass block window type has a soft, sort of rise and fall pattern and lets in the maximum amount of light with some privacy. This glass block style blends well with most home decors, and are very popular as basement windows.

Ice Glass

The crinkled ice effect of the Ice pattern offers the utmost privacy option without losing light. This design disperses incoming light, while hindering visibility from the outside.


Colored glass block, is just that, colored. They come in many different color to choose from. From soft opaque colors to vibrant blues and reds. They can also come in decorative colors or even come in custom colors. They can also come in the styles explained above and can feature each of their characteristics.


Some designers can actually add art inside the glass block, such as custom art pieces, family crests, initials, photos and even lights.

Glass Block Quotes In Arizona

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