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Types of Glass Block Windows

Are you searching for “Types of Glass Block Windows” while looking for information about what types or styles there are? We have detailed some of the wonderful styles that glass block windows comes in. Investing in quality glass block is an important choice.

Glass Block Windows

Diversified Builder Supply, Inc., is Arizona’s premier installer of glass block walls, windows, and glass block shower enclosures. Unmatched quality, with over 30 years of experience has furnished Diversified Builder Supply, Inc., with the means to handle any glass block project. No glass block project is too big, or too small for Diversified Builder Supply, Inc. to handle.Glass block windows


One style of glass block is the see-through type.  When looking through this glass you can see perfectly almost like a window, they are also different than most styles that provide a hazy or blurred view. If you have plants in see-through glass block windows, they will receive adequate sunlight — these windows allow light to penetrate completely without interference.

Vertical and Horizontal Rib

A different style is vertical and horizontal rib glass block.  This glass helps maintain privacy by prohibiting anyone from seeing through the glass. Sunlight is able to pass through this glass, just not as much as the see-through version.  This window separates the horizontal from the vertical and all ribs are on the inside for ease of cleaning.


There is also a diamond like pattern, which allows light to penetrate while giving a small amount of privacy.  These windows are designed to allow them to create shadows in a room. The diamond style can add elegance and refinement to your home. Diamond glass block windows have a different pattern all on its own. These windows are usually used in bathrooms.

Grid Pattern

The grid pattern is another style you can contemplate if you want privacy but still want to let the light in.  One benefit of the grid style is that it will eliminate any type of glare.


The crystalline glass block provides more of a dressy or elegant appearance.  This type of window allows the majority of the sunlight to pass through but the design also allows you to retain your privacy.


Wavy glass block windows are by far the most desirable glass block style. This glass block window type has a soft, sort of rise and fall pattern and lets in the maximum amount of light with some privacy. This glass block style blends well with most home decors, and are very popular as basement windows.

Ice Glass

The crinkled ice effect of the Ice pattern offers the utmost privacy option without losing light. This design disperses incoming light, while hindering visibility from the outside.


Colored glass block, is just that, colored. They come in many different color to choose from. From soft opaque colors to vibrant blues and reds. They can also come in decorative colors or even come in custom colors. They can also come in the styles explained above and can feature each of their characteristics.


Some designers can actually add art inside the glass block, such as custom art pieces, family crests, initials, photos and even lights.

Glass Block Quotes In Arizona

For Glass Block in Arizona, call Diversified Builder Supply, Inc. at 480-829-7232.  Diversified Builder Supply, Inc. offers custom masonry, glass block windows, stone/brick fireplace surrounds, and exterior stone and brick veneer. We serve Phoenix, Arizona and surrounding area cities.

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Brick Veneer

Are you searching “brick veneer near me”? If so, Diversified Builder Supply, Inc. can help! Call us today at 480-961-3780 for a free brick veneer quote. We supply only the highest quality brick veneer products that will compliment your home with elegance and hardiness.

Add the ageless beauty of authentic brick to your home without the extra weight, mess and costliness of concrete footings. Brick veneer can be installed to almost any current interior or exterior wall. Brick Veneer or thin brick, is an ideal solution to improve the interior or exterior look of your home with applications such as brick siding, a brick living room fireplace or a bathroom backsplash.

Brick veneer not only increases the value of your home it is virtually maintenance free. Exterior brick veneer should be included in your choices concerning your siding. Brick veneer siding was created to get the finished appearance of a traditional brick home minus all the hard work. Like most masonry, it is long lasting and fireproof, which can most likely save you some money on your homes insurance premiums. With brick veneer you won’t have to ever stain or paint the exterior of your home.

Pros and Cons of Brick Veneer Siding

There are a lot of reasons to think about brick veneer instead of classical solid brick or other popular types of such as stucco, vinyl or wood siding.

Brick Veneer Pros:

  • Natural beauty and charm for any home
  • Long lasting strength and home protection
  • Basically maintenance free
  • Easier to install than full brick
  • Costs around 25% to 40% less than full brick
  • A good deal of the brick used is usually reclaimed brick

Brick Veneer Cons:

  • Costs a little more than wood or fiber cement siding
  • Mortar cracks that are caused by earthquakes/tremors or by heavy-vehicle traffic are common
  • Moisture retention in climates with heavier rainfall can cause moisture problems in the home’s framing
  • It may not look like solid brick under closer examination
  • Inadequate installation can result in serious damage

Interior Brick Veneer

For your homes interior walls, brick veneer is installed a lot like tile – mortar is applied on the wall and the brick veneers are set in place on top. Usually plastic spacers are added and it is then grouted. This is a nice for kitchen and bathroom backsplashes, fireplaces and living room accent walls.

Exterior Brick Veneer

Exterior brick veneer is not installed on top of the house, but rather as a freestanding wall fastened to the house. The brick veneers are arranged on a foundation from the ground up and are reinforced by their own weight.

Brick Veneer Aesthetics

Another thing to think about when using brick veneers is the aesthetics and size. Due to the way brick veneer is placed into molds for pre-casting, the brick will be placed in perfect arrangement. While this may sound great, masonry is often wanted because of its irregularities. What this means is any misalignments can also be easier to see because most of the brick will be lined up. Replacing siding can be a challenging process and matching old and new in sync can prove to be a problematic task, which makes brick veneer the best choice for those looking for simplicity in the long run.

Phoenix Brick Veneer

Diversified Builder Supply, Inc. is a premier supplier and installer of brick veneer. For more information about our full range of brick veneers we carry and install, please call us and request more information at 480-961-3780.

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Natural Stone vs Manufactured Stone

Are you searching “natural stone vs manufactured stone near me”? If so, Diversified Builder Supply, Inc. can help! Call us today at 480-961-3780 for more for a free stone veneer quote.  We supply only the highest quality stone veneer products that will compliment your property with elegance and hardiness.

Natural Stone vs Manufactured Stone

  • Between the two, manufactured stone and natural stone veneers are cost comparable
  • The cost of installation is a little lower for manufactured stone, due to its repeated process of installation
  • Manufactured stone usually will have more colors available because they can be dyed inside of the mold
  • Both manufactured stone and natural stone are widely available
  • Real stone calls for a skilled mason, but looks a lot better when trimmed

Natural Stone

In the past, natural stone was the go to choice for stacked wall coverings. A lot of people love it because of its natural color scheme. Each piece is will uncover a special distinctiveness that cannot be duplicated by man. An additional benefit of choosing natural stone is how durable it is. The wall covering will last many, many years, even tolerating direct and relentless sunlight. Natural stone will not fade, chip, or peel as a result of a harsh environment. Even if the stone sustains impact damage, it will retain its beauty because of it’s through and through consistency.

One of the biggest disadvantages of deciding on natural stacked wall coverings is its cost. Getting it from the ground is demanding and difficult, pushing up the price. It’s also a lot heavier and to work with, meaning that installation is going to be more challenging as well. The choice of color can also be restricted as well considering most natural stone is locally quarried due to the cost of transporting it. Natural stone is long lasting and even if chipped can still look beautiful.

Manufactured Stone

Manufactured stone is rapidly becoming the top choice for many home design or redesign projects. It is much lighter in weight, meaning that it’s a lot easier to install. When installing manufactured stone there is no need for footings or fasteners, saving time, and most important of all money. Because it is manufactured, the stone creates less waste than stone cut from a quarry. The individual pieces are specially designed to fit within one another, meaning that no scraps are wasted because they don’t fit together. Because of this, these wall coverings have a more constant color and shape and provide a more consistent look. In most cases, they can be totally customized to display the pristine color and nature of your project.

One of the biggest drawbacks to using manufactured stone is that they’re not long lasting like natural stone but can last elegantly up to 50 years. If chipping or cracking develops, it may be apparent that they are synthetic because the material is not constant all the way through. Do some homework and find a manufactured stone company that is reputable and supplies a warranty for their product. Manufactured stone is the right choice if you are on a tight budget. Depending on the project you are thinking of, both of them offers a good deal of customization opportunities. Manufactured stone surely has more options, but natural stone is not exactly a one size fits all, either.

Phoenix Stone Veneer Supply & Installation

Diversified Builder Supply, Inc. is a premier supplier and installer of both natural stone veneer and manufactured stone veneer. For more information about our full range of stone veneers we carry please call and request more information at 480-961-3780.

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Various Types of Building Materials

Are you searching for “Types Of Building Materials” while looking for the most frequently used material in construction? If so, DBS Inc can help. We’ve listed the most common types of building materials used in residential and commercial construction. Whenever you think of building materials, don’t become confused with building products. These are different things. Building products are items such as windows and doors that are made from various materials that are used in the making of supporting structures to buildings.

Although, when it comes to building materials, the material is what is used in the actual construction of said building. There are all sorts of building materials, used by construction companies and general contractors, that are used to make buildings. Some of them have been around for years and are still being used.

Building materials are divided into synthetic and natural materials. The materials that are made from natural items such as clay, leaves, rocks, twigs and sand are natural building materials. Materials that are used in industries, that have been through human processing are called synthetic materials and are items like plastic.

Different Types of Building Materials

Rock: This is a building material that has been used for centuries. It is also a long lasting building material that is readily available. Plus, it’s quite protective when it comes to its functions, but the main issue of it is that it is too heavy to be carried and it isn’t very effective in keeping someone warm.

Thatch: This is an old building material. It is quite cheap, but it is a great insulator and easily harvested.

Brush: This is a building material that is used in sub-tropical and tropical areas. The brush is made from plants and is mainly found in rain forests. It is normally combined with rocks, where the gaps between stones and filled with insulation and concrete.

Ice: This material is another types of building materials that was once used to building igloos. Now it is used in building ice hotels for tourist attractions in cold areas.

Earth: This material is still used in creating walls in some places. The walls are created by compacting and packing mud tightly between wooden planks. Before this was normally done by human hands, but now it is done with machines.

These types of houses are warm in winter, and cool in summer. This is because clay and soil help to maintain the temperatures at a constant level.

Cement: This material is made from rock. Cement happens to be used in creating buildings because it lasts quite a while. Natural fibers and wood are soluble and have dangerous organic compounds.

Any type of wood that you plan to use with cement need to be checked to ensure that it will be compatible with cement. You will be able learn this through morphology, interfacial bond, and strength through different characteristics.

Metal: This material is popularly used for constructing the structural framework. Metal is used mainly because it is long lasting. There are a lot of different types of metals that you can use such as steel which happens to be a metal alloy.

Sometimes silver and gold are used for decorative purposes. Although, most people cannot afford this and it isn’t hard like the other metals.

Glass: This building material is used a lot now in building structures due to richness and class.

This particular variety of building materials are used for creating those beautiful structures that are found all over the world. The choice of which material to use is based on personal preferences and the climatic condition of the area.

Building Materials Diversified Builder Supply, Inc.

Whatever your next project is, expect the best in quality masonry work, competitive pricing, customer service, schedule compliance, and safety. Diversified Builder, Inc. Has been Commercial & Residential Building Contractors for over 34 Years. Call us at 480-961-3780 for more information.

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Benefits of Glass Block Windows

Are you searching for “Glass Block Windows” while looking for information about their benefits? We have detailed some of the great benefits glass block windows offer to homeowners. Homeowners find that single pane windows become a nuisance, requiring seasonal changing each season for installation, frequent maintenance, changing of curtains, as well as the color of the curtains, and that repair is often needed. These are not the best type to use if looking for something to benefit the home, however, they are used the most.

The single pane windows will usually be used in designing of a new home and in the building phase of the new home, which is simply due to their low cost and are available in most all improvement stores. However, glass block windows provide more upgrades having even more benefits than regular windows can give you. The article below gives a few different ways that your home can benefit from having glass blocked windows.

Glass Block Window Benefits

Benefit #1 – Energy Efficient

Because single pane windows are not made where they will be sufficient for the winter months, homeowners essentially need to put plastic wrap over their windows to make them efficient in keeping the cold air from getting in.

Putting plastic wrap and taking other precautions when the winter months turn drastically cold cannot compare to the efficiency of having glass blocks insulation, which is going to prevent cold air from coming in and does not let the warm air inside get out. Thus, keeping your heating bills in the winter lower and those cooling bills in the summer reduced as well. The glass block windows create a mortared seal that single pane windows do not.

Benefit #2 – Light and Transparency

Some people prefer to have as much lighting as possible in a room and are constantly having to open and close their curtains day in and day out, but with glass block windows this would no longer be necessary for they let in the natural sunlight, which in return is going to save on their electric bill. Having glass block windows can help in lowering the cost of electric bills, as well as the need for any curtains, offering complete natural light.

Compared to artificial lighting, the glass block windows can provide an equal amount of natural light, usually even more. Besides that, you can get this lighting free of electrical cost! Why would anyone want to have to keep all of their lights on to see better and pay a higher electrical bill when glass block windows will utilize the natural sunlight to do the same thing for them? You can soft light through glass block windows at night from the moon, which gives off a soft light resembling being outside.

Benefit #3 – Privacy

All homeowners at one time or another have to decide which curtains and/or shades will give them the best source of lighting, yet, it still isn’t enough lighting to actually see indoors and does not give them true privacy. However, glass block windows provide a natural source of good lighting, also, true privacy. Furthermore, when you have glass block windows curtains are not necessary, as they have design patterns that distorts the vision from the outside.

Another benefit (this is a bonus)that glass block windows give is in noise reduction. Glass block windows give an extra layer that makes the windows a higher level in soundproofing, whereas a single pane is thin and cannot do that. People who live near noisy intersections, schools, and airports would most definitely appreciate having glass block windows.

Benefit #4 – Security

Thin glass windows are very fragile and easy to get broken. They are also used for breaking into people’s homes the most. These type of windows provide no protection from intruders, as they can be easily removed from their track, providing no resistance to a forced entry. On the other hand, glass block windows will provide extra protection as they cannot be broken easily or dismantled easily, providing resistance against forced entry. Making the glass block windows capable of acting as a brick wall at the same time as simply being a window. An additional benefit is that they will even with stand extreme weather, providing extra relief to homeowners. Glass block windows are not only beautiful, but also secure! If you have questions that have not been answered here, or any comments in regards to glass block windows feel free to ask us. If you are interested in knowing more about the Glass Block Windows, and other ways that they can improve your home, you can contact us here or call us at 480-961-3780.

Glass Block Installation Chandler, Arizona

Diversified Builder Supply, Inc. offers glass block  installation in Chandler, Arizona and surrounding cities. Contact DBS, Inc. today!

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What Is Stone Veneer?

What Is Stone Veneer?

If you are searching for “What is Stone Veneer?” you are most likely trying to learn more about building supplies for your commercial or residential remodeling project.

Stone veneer is a decorative and protective cosmetic layer applied to vertical surfaces or walls. Normally an inch in thickness, the veneer has to be less than 73kgs/mor 15lbs/ft2 in weight so that additional structural modifications are not required to support it.

Materials Stone Veneer Is Made From

Both natural as well as manufactured stone can be used to make the veneer.

As the name suggests, natural stone veneer comprises of real stone that is quarried or collected. The stone is then cut to be of regular thickness and weight so that it can be used as a veneer. This type of thin stone veneer was introduced by Gernot Ehrlich.

Manufactured stone veneer comprises of a decorative material that is designed to match the aesthetic of real stone.Artificial stone veneer, faux stone veneer, stacked stone veneer, and flexible stone veneer are all different names for manufactured stone veneer.

How Veneer Is Fabricated

Manufactured Stone veneer gets its final form as a light concrete mix is poured onto styled rubber forms and painted through a coloring process to resemble natural stone.Special mortars are used to affix this veneer to walls and surfaces.

To manufacture flexible stone veneer, a fine layer of stone is pulled from slabs of sandstone, slate, or mica schist. A composite material is then used to back this stone layer.

Disadvantages of Manufactured Stone Veneer

With the advantages, manufactured stone veneer also has a number of disadvantages. It’s considerably less strong than natural stone, and if it gets chipped, or if a piece breaks off it is more visible than a chipped stone veneer would be because of the concrete filling underneath. Because of this, the waste factor is larger compared to natural stone, which can be cut or resized without losing its look. Manufactured veneer can’t be cut or resized to fit as that exposes the inner concrete.It is also less durable, especially when exposed to water over a long period, as water leaches out the lime nuggets within the manufactured veneer, which can stain the surface over time. The artificial material and paints used are also affected by external factors like moisture and sunlight, causing them to lose color and also reduces their lifespan. Since manufactured stone is porous by nature, it easily absorbs moisture and can transfer that to the inner wall, which is harmful to the structural integrity of the wall. Being porous also exposes it to freeze thaw and ice wedging issues. During cold weather, water can seep in and freeze, causing chunks of the veneer to break off, leaving behind rough edges much like those of a broken sidewalk. Having manufactured stone veneer repaired can be expensive as the whole segment needs to be removed and replaced with a new piece. Even after the repair, there is no guarantee that the issue won’t occur again, which it probably would.

Advantages of Manufactured Stone Veneer

Manufactured stone veneer has several advantages over its natural stone counterpart. Some of these are outlined below:

  • Its economic value (cheaper material, costs less to apply)
  • lightweight and easy to apply
  • wide color and design variety
  • suitable for all domestic and commercial applications

Manufactured veneer is preferred primarily for its economic value as it can be about half the cost of natural stone.It is also cheaper and easier to manufacture, and its light weight makes it possible to apply it to walls without additional footings or wall ties. Since it is artificially manufactured, it can be made in a variety of colors and designs, something that isn’t possible with natural stone veneer.

Advantages of Natural Stone Veneer

You may want to consider trying natural stone veneer rather than manufactured stone because of the following advantages:

  • It’s durable. Since it’s natural stone, it’s color won’t fade and it won’t crack easily. Even if it does get chipped, it will be not as evident because the chipped area will retain the stone’s design and texture.
  • Superior aesthetic. Since it’s a naturally occurring element and not artificial, it’s look, feel, and texture surpass those of manufactured stone. It also ages better, as moss and lichen growing over the veneer due to moisture over time will ruin manufactured stone but only enhance natural stone.
  • It’s not as light as manufactured stone, but is still light enough to not need additional footings or wall ties.

One disadvantage of natural stone veneer over manufactured stone veneer is its high cost. But considering its durability and long lifespan, it could be worth the initial investment.

Phoenix Stone Veneer Supply & Installation

DBS, Inc. is the premier supplier and installer of both natural stone veneer and manufactured stone veneer.  We carry a wide range of veneers including: real stone, cast stone, manufactured stone, stone fireplace veneers, full brick veneers, thin brick veneers, large format tile veneers, and more. For more information about the full range of stone veneers we carry please call and request more information at 480-961-3780