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Natural Stone vs Manufactured Stone

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Natural Stone vs Manufactured Stone

  • Between the two, manufactured stone and natural stone veneers are cost comparable
  • The cost of installation is a little lower for manufactured stone, due to its repeated process of installation
  • Manufactured stone usually will have more colors available because they can be dyed inside of the mold
  • Both manufactured stone and natural stone are widely available
  • Real stone calls for a skilled mason, but looks a lot better when trimmed

Natural Stone

In the past, natural stone was the go to choice for stacked wall coverings. A lot of people love it because of its natural color scheme. Each piece is will uncover a special distinctiveness that cannot be duplicated by man. An additional benefit of choosing natural stone is how durable it is. The wall covering will last many, many years, even tolerating direct and relentless sunlight. Natural stone will not fade, chip, or peel as a result of a harsh environment. Even if the stone sustains impact damage, it will retain its beauty because of it’s through and through consistency.

One of the biggest disadvantages of deciding on natural stacked wall coverings is its cost. Getting it from the ground is demanding and difficult, pushing up the price. It’s also a lot heavier and to work with, meaning that installation is going to be more challenging as well. The choice of color can also be restricted as well considering most natural stone is locally quarried due to the cost of transporting it. Natural stone is long lasting and even if chipped can still look beautiful.

Manufactured Stone

Manufactured stone is rapidly becoming the top choice for many home design or redesign projects. It is much lighter in weight, meaning that it’s a lot easier to install. When installing manufactured stone there is no need for footings or fasteners, saving time, and most important of all money. Because it is manufactured, the stone creates less waste than stone cut from a quarry. The individual pieces are specially designed to fit within one another, meaning that no scraps are wasted because they don’t fit together. Because of this, these wall coverings have a more constant color and shape and provide a more consistent look. In most cases, they can be totally customized to display the pristine color and nature of your project.

One of the biggest drawbacks to using manufactured stone is that they’re not long lasting like natural stone but can last elegantly up to 50 years. If chipping or cracking develops, it may be apparent that they are synthetic because the material is not constant all the way through. Do some homework and find a manufactured stone company that is reputable and supplies a warranty for their product. Manufactured stone is the right choice if you are on a tight budget. Depending on the project you are thinking of, both of them offers a good deal of customization opportunities. Manufactured stone surely has more options, but natural stone is not exactly a one size fits all, either.

Phoenix Stone Veneer Supply & Installation

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