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Brick Veneer

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Add the ageless beauty of authentic brick to your home without the extra weight, mess and costliness of concrete footings. Brick veneer can be installed to almost any current interior or exterior wall. Brick Veneer or thin brick, is an ideal solution to improve the interior or exterior look of your home with applications such as brick siding, a brick living room fireplace or a bathroom backsplash.

Brick veneer not only increases the value of your home it is virtually maintenance free. Exterior brick veneer should be included in your choices concerning your siding. Brick veneer siding was created to get the finished appearance of a traditional brick home minus all the hard work. Like most masonry, it is long lasting and fireproof, which can most likely save you some money on your homes insurance premiums. With brick veneer you won’t have to ever stain or paint the exterior of your home.

Pros and Cons of Brick Veneer Siding

There are a lot of reasons to think about brick veneer instead of classical solid brick or other popular types of such as stucco, vinyl or wood siding.

Brick Veneer Pros:

  • Natural beauty and charm for any home
  • Long lasting strength and home protection
  • Basically maintenance free
  • Easier to install than full brick
  • Costs around 25% to 40% less than full brick
  • A good deal of the brick used is usually reclaimed brick

Brick Veneer Cons:

  • Costs a little more than wood or fiber cement siding
  • Mortar cracks that are caused by earthquakes/tremors or by heavy-vehicle traffic are common
  • Moisture retention in climates with heavier rainfall can cause moisture problems in the home’s framing
  • It may not look like solid brick under closer examination
  • Inadequate installation can result in serious damage

Interior Brick Veneer

For your homes interior walls, brick veneer is installed a lot like tile – mortar is applied on the wall and the brick veneers are set in place on top. Usually plastic spacers are added and it is then grouted. This is a nice for kitchen and bathroom backsplashes, fireplaces and living room accent walls.

Exterior Brick Veneer

Exterior brick veneer is not installed on top of the house, but rather as a freestanding wall fastened to the house. The brick veneers are arranged on a foundation from the ground up and are reinforced by their own weight.

Brick Veneer Aesthetics

Another thing to think about when using brick veneers is the aesthetics and size. Due to the way brick veneer is placed into molds for pre-casting, the brick will be placed in perfect arrangement. While this may sound great, masonry is often wanted because of its irregularities. What this means is any misalignments can also be easier to see because most of the brick will be lined up. Replacing siding can be a challenging process and matching old and new in sync can prove to be a problematic task, which makes brick veneer the best choice for those looking for simplicity in the long run.

Phoenix Brick Veneer

Diversified Builder Supply, Inc. is a premier supplier and installer of brick veneer. For more information about our full range of brick veneers we carry and install, please call us and request more information at 480-961-3780.