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Natural Stone Phoenix

Natural Stone Types

Natural stone carries with it an authenticity and customized look that cannot be beat. It is a premium building material that adds beauty and value to all of the homes and businesses it is installed in. Adding natural stone to Phoenix residences and businesses creates a sense of occasion and prestige. Some types of stone even carry with them natural bacteria control abilities that help keep visitors and residents healthier. Solid counter tops, and natural stone veneers are hugely popular building materials for the interior and exterior of homes. If you are remodeling or building a new home consider these types of stone to get the customized and luxurious look that flatters your house and makes it a home.


Slate has been used for thousands of years due to its natural resistance to the seasonal freeze and thaw cycles. It is a dense metamorphic stone that comes in red, green, gray and even purple tones when it is quarried in the United States. Slate that is procured domestically features mottled colors that have multiple shades and a nicely weathered appearance. These elements add warmth to room in your home. Slate that is imported from Africa, South America, and Asia tends to carry a more gold, copper, or orange type mottling. Slate is a hugely popular natural stone type for the roof, walls, and interior of the home. It is used for showers, buildings exteriors, counter tops, roofs, and even fireplaces.


Limestone typically carries wonderfully natural colors that don’t fade over time. The stone naturally carries a patina from the weathering it acquired in nature. Limestone’s adaptability to be carved and adapted makes it a favorite for builders. It is easy to create custom shapes and designs because of the ease the stone is carved and shaped with. It is used both for exterior, interior, and even landscaping applications and its popularity is evident due to its use at cathedrals, universities, and courthouses. It weathers well and stays attractive for many generations.


Travertine is created in natural hot springs and is a sedimentary rock. The flowery patters and cream colored elements of the stone are caused by the various types of sediment being deposited in these hot springs and create very diverse patterns. Travertine is used for fireplace and flooring and can be installed with or without grout. Grout does increase the durability of the stone, but it is not necessary. It is used frequently for fireplace surrounds, flooring, and even outdoors for garden walkways.


Quartzite is a dense, hard, and chemical and abrasion resistant, quartzite is a type of metamorphic stone where quartz grains initially belonging to sandstone; have re-crystallized. Quartzite is becoming well known as a dimension stone in the construction industry. The use of quartzite ads a pristine decorative look in a building and the use of it in construction is growing rapidly. Quartzite slabs are used to cover walls, kitchen and bath countertops, used as roofing tiles, as flooring, and staircases to name just a few of their uses.


Onyx is a sedimentary stone produced in caves from microcrystalline quartz, turning into stalactites and stalagmites. It is more delicate than other types of stone, susceptible to both chemical and abrasive degradation, and therefore more acceptable for lower traffic areas or for vertical uses. Onyx is appreciated for its translucency; its breath taking beauty can be intensified by backlight. With colors ranging from honey colored neutrals, to white, all the way to stunning blues, reds, golds, and greens.


Soapstone is another type of metamorphic stone. It is largely made up of the mineral talc and is very abundant in magnesium. It is created by dynamo thermal metamorphism and metasomatism. Soapstone is chemically inert, and non-reactive to harsh chemicals, extremely dense, even denser than granite. It will not stain, and liquid can’t throughout its surface. Soapstone scratches easily and is soft; the scratches will create a patina on its surface over time which should be normal after everyday wear and tear.


Marble is a metamorphic stone, which is a stone that has been chemically and physically transformed over time due to intense pressure and heat. Marble begins its life as limestone. Under extreme heat and pressure caused by magma or tectonic plates, this limestone begins to re-crystallized itself, changing the characteristics of the rock and causing the calcite crystals to grow and interlink themselves. Marble can be found in many places around the world, from Vermont to Macedonia, but the most south after varieties come from Greece and Italy, where it is often found in its purest color.


Quartz is the second most plentiful mineral in the Earth’s continental crust, after feldspar. Quartz makes a perfect stone for bathroom and kitchen countertops. Its non porous surface and unique blend of beauty and easy maintenance makes quartz an excellent match for any type of lifestyle. Quartz is scratch resistant and has a natural anti-microbial protection against mold.


A metamorphic rock made up mostly of magnesium silicate. Commonly green in color. Serpentine is thought to be formed really deep undersea by magma emerging through cracks on the ocean floor at temperatures up to around 930°F. Serpentine is very dense, scratch and chemical resistant though they are commonly classified as a softer granite.

Jade/ Jadeite

Two distinct gem materials can correctly be called jade. Jadeite is one, and the other one is nephrite. Both are actually metamorphic rocks made up of tiny interlinking mineral crystals. These interlinking crystals make both gems exceptionally strong. Jadeite comes in a wide range of engaging colors including shades of green, yellow, green, white, gray, black, brown, reddish oranges, and lavender. The coloration is often streaked or mottled, giving jadeite gemstones an interesting visual texture that carvers can use to create imaginative and intriguing effects.

Natural Stone For Sale In Phoenix

Every home and business in Phoenix can benefit from a more natural, warmer, and richer look. Natural stone helps create a beautifully customized and timeless look in our living spaces. Diversified Builder Supply, Inc. can help you choose the best natural stone for your home whether it be for interior or exterior applications. Let us help you match your architectural styles and color pallet with the perfect additions of natural stone to your home or business.

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