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How Much Does Gas Fireplace Installation Cost?

Gas Fireplace Cost

The average cost to install a gas fireplace is about $4,500 with average prices ranging from $2,500 to $10,000 in the US, according to Thumbtack.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Gas Fireplace?

Gas fireplaces are an enticing and energy-efficient way of heating up a room in your home. Gas fireplaces are installed easier than wood-burning alternatives and usually cost less to run, which makes them great retrofit for homeowners who desire a fireplace in a room that doesn’t have one existing.

According to FixR, “The average costs associated with installing a gas fireplace include $600 for the firebox installation, $750 for the vent pipe, $2,750 for the full installation and finishing work, and between $150 and $800 for the gas line, depending on how far it needs to run.”

Installing a stone gas fireplace to a room that doesn’t already have one typically costs around $6,550 for a pre-built fireplace, its installation, and finish work.

Gas Vs Wood-Burning Vs Electric Fireplace

Gas fireplaces and inserts aren’t the only choices for installing a fireplace in your home. Wood-burning and electric fireplaces are also alternatives to think about:


  • $3,650 – $7,800
  • Produces real flames
  • Low maintenance
  • Moderate safety risk
  • Warms room efficiently
  • Moderate costs to run


  • $8,500 – $22,000
  • Produces real flames
  • High maintenance
  • Moderate safety risk
  • Not energy-efficient
  • Warms room efficiently
  • Moderate costs to run


  • $600 – $1,750
  • Does not produce flames
  • Nearly maintenance-free
  • No safety risk
  • Does not warm room efficiently
  • Low cost to run


Labor costs for a gas fireplace installation range widely depending on a couple of factors. Direct-vent models will cost more to install due to a vent pipe needing to be added. If you don’t currently have a gas line to your home, you will have to install one, this will increase the cost.

Using a built-in unit as compared to an insert also increases the cost. The average costs related with installing a gas fireplace will include $600 for firebox installation, $750 for the vent pipe, $2,750 for the complete installation and finishing work, and around $150 to $800 for the gas line, depending on how far it’s required to run.

Improvements and Enhancement

Every gas fireplace installation is going to be different. There are a lot of other improvements and enhancements you may want to think about adding to the fireplace, which can influence the scope of the project.

Installing A Chimney

A real chimney can improve the curb appeal of your home and may increase its value. While not needed for a gas fireplace, some homeowners may still want to have one install. This can increase the cost of the project by $60 to $95 a square foot of chimney added.

Artificial Logs

Artificial logs, sometimes called faux logs, are an option some people choose to enhance the appearance of the flames. Bear in mind that they need to be kept clean, and they increase the maintenance of the fireplace. They also add $100 to $400 to the overall cost.


A mantel frames the fireplace and enhances its appearance. Mantels can be made of a lot of materials, including wood and stone, and can add around from $500 to $5,000 to the cost of the installation.


The majority of gas fireplaces have glass doors, but in a lot of cases, they need to be added separately. If this is the case, anticipate paying an additional $300 to $500.

Blower And Fan

Installing a blower and fan to your fireplace will help the heat circulate more quickly, warming up the room faster. Typically added during installation, this can increase the cost by about $100.

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