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Garden Trellis Ideas

Garden Trellis Ideas

If you are searching for “garden trellis ideas“, “garden trellis” or “diy garden trellis“, we’re here to give you five ideas to spruce up your garden.

5 Garden Trellis Ideas

Try these garden trellis ideas to liven up your front or backyard:

  1. DIY Pergola
  2. Wire Walls
  3. Trellis Ladder
  4. Enchanting Arches
  5. Cucumber Trellis

DIY Pergola

Backyard Trellis

Pergolas are also known as trellises and/or arbors. These pergolas can be used in multiple ways, each as aesthetically-pleasing as the next. The structures can be used to support crawling vines or even just to add shade to your yard. Don’t underestimate how important cooling shade can be for your garden’s health. You will have to sink the structure into the ground about one quarter of the total height of the post.

Wire Walls

If your home, garage or even shed features brick walls, it’s easy to bring these walls to life by adding wire trellis. Add a few vines to the walls and get as creative as possible with designs and shapes. Feel free to use masonry anchors, cable wires or eye hooks as the foundation. Once that is in place, add plants to make the walls truly unique.

Trellis Ladder

There are many ways to utilize a homey ladder surrounding a back wall or door. You can use the ladder as a traditional trellis or to display seasonal decorations. The ladders can be crafted out of any wood or trees you desire. This can be the perfect addition to a patio or porch.

Enchanting Arches

Trellis Path

It’s no secret that a tunnel can add charm to your garden area. This structure will invite friends and family to walk to and explore the home garden. Typically, these arches will be constructed of garden wires and/or branches. Choose softer branches if you are choosing to build arches as your next DIY project.

Cucumber Trellis

Whether you have a garden that features cucumbers, tomatoes or squash, adding a trellis to the area can drastically change its appearance, in a good way. A simple, foldable trellis design will look great hovering over your cucumbers. Some tomato trellis designs will allow you to grow more than 100 lbs in just 20 square feet.

Garden Trellis Details

A greenscreen trellis is a three dimensional, welded wire system which comes in thick panels. This unique and beautiful wire system can surround fences, screens and even gazebos for a classy and elegant look. The panel’s depth creates a growing space that support plants. This wire system will also promote the healthy growth of green walls. If you need this wiring system for residential or commercial purposes, contact Diversified Builder Supply right here!

Typically, a trellis is constructed with an open framework, such as lattice. This makes it easier for plants to be supported for a long period of time. If you are looking to make a DIY trellis, the experts suggest using a lightweight wood for the project. As long as the trellis is sturdy, it will be able to support the weight of plants, as well as withstanding any inclement weather.

Best Materials To Support A Greenscreen Trellis:

  • Wrought iron
  • Wood
  • Strong synthetics
  • Strong plastics
  • Wire
  • Monofilament (fishing wire)

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