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When you are searching for “greenscreen trellisingnear me in the Phoenix Valley Diversified Builder Suppply, Inc., can help! If you are interested in learning more about our For residential or commercial greenscreen trellising in Arizona give Diversified Builder Supply, Inc., a call today at 480-961-3780. for service or installation.

Diversified Builder Supply, Inc. has created a mutually beneficial alliance with greenscreen® within the State of Arizona.

greenscreen® Trellising Arizona

As the Arizona representative and preferred contractor of greenscreen®, we are pleased to continue with commercial and residential trellising applications of this exciting new product. Diversified Builder Suppply, Inc., is a commercial & residential Greenscreen trellising installation contractor serving the Phoenix Valley, including Tempe, Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Paradise Valley and surrounding Arizona cities.

What is a greenscreen® trellis?

greenscreen® is a three dimensional, welded wire trellising system.  The distinctive modular trellis panel is the building block of the greenscreen® system. Rigid and lightweight greenscreen® comes in standard 3″ or 2″ thick panels.

greenscreen’s® unique wire space frame configuration spans between structure members- thus fences, free standing screens, and gazebos are just a few of the many applications. The panel’s depth creates a “captive growing space” for supporting plants and promoting healthy growth of green walls and facades.

greenscreen® Uses and Applications

Modular Panels

– Used for screens/ enclosures, as free standing fences or for covering walls.


– Used as a vertical free standing element or as a cover for existing columns or posts. Flat or coiled for painless field installations in standard or custom diameters.

Curved Panels

– Used for outlining curved surfaces, for covering rounded walls, as freestanding curved fences, screens and/ or enclosures.


– Used for mounting panel screens to different planter shapes, or neighboring wall mounted structure or applications.


– Used for our basic panel as the building block to create your solution from a flat, curved or shaped configuration.

greenscreen®  Landscaping Projects

From larger scale fencing, to wall mounted uses, custom shapes, planter and trellis combinations, the economical greenscreen® trellis system has a solution for including vertical flora into your landscaping theme or projects.

·      Wall Mounted Green Facade Trellis Panel

·         Freestanding Green Facade

·         greenscreen® Fence

·         Overhead

·         Columns

·         Planters with Trellis

Benefits of greenscreen® 

Value can be added to the installation of green walls, by designing for an assortment of benefits. Most designers of green walls can work from the creation of small intimate space, to the immense scale of a multi-story project. Nearly all green facades are implemented to create an element of aesthetic diversity that adds to the palette of building materials and the surfaces it creates. Green walls can also be integrated into the entire buildings site design and utilize multiple systems and forms. These design specific benefits are not mutually exclusive.

·         Green Infrastructure

·         Urban Heat Island Effect (UHI)

·         Shading and Light Control

·         Security

·         Graffiti Control

·         Improved Exterior Air Quality

·         Aesthetic Improvement

·         Increases Property Values

greenscreen® Trellising Installation Phoenix Valleywide

For residential or commercial greenscreen trellising in Arizona give Diversified Builder Supply, Inc., a call today at 480-961-3780We are a custom masonry & fireplace contractor serving the greater Phoenix metropolitan area and surrounding Arizona cities.[/vc_column_text]

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If you are searching for “greenscreen trellising”, in Phoenix, Arizona, Diversified Builder Supply, Inc. can help! When you are interested in learning more about our greenscreen trellising, call Diversified Builder Supply, Inc, today at 480-961-3780.