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Advantages of Stone Veneer

Advantages of Stone Veneer

Stone veneer is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to highlight a section of residential and commercial properties. It is used to accentuate the exterior and interior of properties.  There are both natural stone and manufactured veneers available.  Manufactured stone veneer is typically made from lightweight materials such as: Portland cement, lava rock, and colored with iron oxide and other pigments.  Installing stone veneer around windows, doors, inside rooms like the living room draw attention and flatter the spaces and faces of your property.  Stone veneer adds visual interest and the natural beauty of stone.

Top 10 Advantages of Stone Veneer

  1. Stone veneer can be installed virtually onto any surface such as brick, wood, metal, cement, and even sheetrock. The flexibility for installation of stone veneer makes it a favorite for both homeowners and builders alike. This building product can be installed easily without having compatibility issues with substrates.
  2. Stone veneer is not as heavy as other building materials. This makes it possible to install them without adding too much weight to the home or business they are being installed on. It also means it takes less effort to get them to the job site.
  3. Stone veneer weighs less and also costs less because it is easier to transport to distributors and to job sites. Natural stone is much heavier and requires additional shipping costs. Veneer is also less costly than natural stone, so it is a great option when keeping construction costs down is important.
  4. Veneer is flexible and easy to install around rounded or curved areas. Natural stone is not flexible and veneer makes it easier to complete the installation around tricky areas.
  5. Stone veneer is easier to cut to fit into the areas you need it. Getting the needed size and shape is easier with stone veneer.
  6. Stone veneer is more consistently colored so it is more uniform throughout the installation. There is also an incredibly wide selection of colors, styles, and sizes of stone veneer to choose from. This makes matching the color scheme or decorations of a home easier.
  7. Fireplaces can also be upgraded visually with the look of stone veneer. The material is heat resistant and can help give your fireplace that custom stone look that so many people desire.
  8. It is easy to care for stone veneer as it isn’t porous like natural stone. This means it stays cleaner and won’t hold onto dirt or grime.  You won’t need special cleaners and will be able to use regular household cleaners to keep your veneer looking great!
  9. Veneer is made to last with shock resistant and durable materials. Once your home or business has stone veneer installed it will be a trouble free and durable solution for your property.
  10. Stone veneer is color fast and will not fade with the rain and incredible heat of summer. It will stay looking great for many years to come.

Choosing Stone Veneer

Stone veneer is clearly a highly sought after quality building material that can highlight the exterior or interior of any space.  From homes to businesses and offices stone veneer gives properties the custom look of stone.Natural visual elements on your property set it apart from the countless rows of stucco buildings and homes surrounding your property. Invest in your property and contact Diversified Builder Supply to order your stone veneer.  In addition to selling stone veneer we offer stone veneer installation. With Diversified Builders Supply you have the power of choice, exceptional customer service, and high quality durable stone veneer.  We sell and install for both residential stone veneer and commercial stone veneer projects. For more information please call us at 480-961-3780

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