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Benefits Of Stone Fireplaces In Phoenix

The Benefits of Stone Fireplaces

Many homeowners are considering customizing their homes. The fireplace is a focal point of any room. The benefits of stone fireplaces for your home in Phoenix, AZ are numerous. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of stone fireplaces below.

The fireplace is certainly an item in your home that draws immediate attention no matter what season it is. It is the centerpiece of the living room, regardless of if it is a big fireplace or a small fireplace. With it being the center of attention in your living spaces it needs to live up to the prestige of the rest of your home. Choosing the right materials helps set it apart. With stone your fireplace will exude class and sophistication.

If you are a business or homeowner that has a fireplace in your home or building paying particular attention to the fireplace, and the materials it is made out of can add real value and beauty to your home.

Long Lasting Durability

Stone fireplaces are incredibly strong and long lasting. With quality raw materials, the right grout, and a skilled mason, fireplaces can last generations, and sometimes longer than the structure itself. The stone can be cleaned and refinished over time to keep the fireplace looking amazing in your home.

Other materials like wood or metal can degrade over time. Metal can warp and discolor with excessive heat. Wood mantels can become tarnished and even flake or peel with all of the heat your fireplace puts out.

Unique Customized Look

With a wide variety of stone to choose from your fireplace really can be custom and individualized to fit your style and needs. You can choose to have a perfectly symmetrical pattern of stone installed in your home, or you can have an organic fitting of stones to create a 100% unique and custom look for your fireplace.

Stone Compliments Your Interior Design

Homeowners can complement their style of architecture with stone fireplaces. From traditional, to modern styles stone can be customized to your home’s individual character. Brick has been a common and popular choice for fireplaces for a long time. Stone has greater flexibility when it comes to being carved. When using brick the décor in the room must follow the color pallet the brick has. This is to create a unified interior design appearance.

Stone Fireplaces Are Safer

Because the stone fireplace and mantel are one system, and are permanently anchored to one another there is a dramatically lower chance that the mantel will come down. With wood mantels you have to think about the connection to the wall. It can become loose and drop items you have on display, or come completely off the wall doing damage to your floor or injuring someone.

Increased Property Value

Just like adding awnings or an automated gate to your property a stone fireplace increases the resale value of your home. It is a long lasting addition to your house that will appoint it with a more regal living room focal point. A custom stone fireplace can raise your homes value by as much as $15,000.

Low Maintenance

Stone fireplaces are strong and made to last, so no matter how much you use the fireplace over the years, you can be assured that the stone will not be damaged due to the heat. The stone also gives somewhat of a refined look – meaning that maintenance is minimum.

Custom Stone Fireplaces Phoenix

If you are ready to customize your home with one of these beautiful centerpieces contact Diversified Builder Supply to get more information on colors, styles, and contractors that can make your dream a reality.

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