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Benefits of Glass Block Windows

Are you searching for “Glass Block Windows” while looking for information about their benefits? We have detailed some of the great benefits glass block windows offer to homeowners. Homeowners find that single pane windows become a nuisance, requiring seasonal changing each season for installation, frequent maintenance, changing of curtains, as well as the color of the curtains, and that repair is often needed. These are not the best type to use if looking for something to benefit the home, however, they are used the most.

The single pane windows will usually be used in designing of a new home and in the building phase of the new home, which is simply due to their low cost and are available in most all improvement stores. However, glass block windows provide more upgrades having even more benefits than regular windows can give you. The article below gives a few different ways that your home can benefit from having glass blocked windows.

Glass Block Window Benefits

Benefit #1 – Energy Efficient

Because single pane windows are not made where they will be sufficient for the winter months, homeowners essentially need to put plastic wrap over their windows to make them efficient in keeping the cold air from getting in.

Putting plastic wrap and taking other precautions when the winter months turn drastically cold cannot compare to the efficiency of having glass blocks insulation, which is going to prevent cold air from coming in and does not let the warm air inside get out. Thus, keeping your heating bills in the winter lower and those cooling bills in the summer reduced as well. The glass block windows create a mortared seal that single pane windows do not.

Benefit #2 – Light and Transparency

Some people prefer to have as much lighting as possible in a room and are constantly having to open and close their curtains day in and day out, but with glass block windows this would no longer be necessary for they let in the natural sunlight, which in return is going to save on their electric bill. Having glass block windows can help in lowering the cost of electric bills, as well as the need for any curtains, offering complete natural light.

Compared to artificial lighting, the glass block windows can provide an equal amount of natural light, usually even more. Besides that, you can get this lighting free of electrical cost! Why would anyone want to have to keep all of their lights on to see better and pay a higher electrical bill when glass block windows will utilize the natural sunlight to do the same thing for them? You can soft light through glass block windows at night from the moon, which gives off a soft light resembling being outside.

Benefit #3 – Privacy

All homeowners at one time or another have to decide which curtains and/or shades will give them the best source of lighting, yet, it still isn’t enough lighting to actually see indoors and does not give them true privacy. However, glass block windows provide a natural source of good lighting, also, true privacy. Furthermore, when you have glass block windows curtains are not necessary, as they have design patterns that distorts the vision from the outside.

Another benefit (this is a bonus)that glass block windows give is in noise reduction. Glass block windows give an extra layer that makes the windows a higher level in soundproofing, whereas a single pane is thin and cannot do that. People who live near noisy intersections, schools, and airports would most definitely appreciate having glass block windows.

Benefit #4 – Security

Thin glass windows are very fragile and easy to get broken. They are also used for breaking into people’s homes the most. These type of windows provide no protection from intruders, as they can be easily removed from their track, providing no resistance to a forced entry. On the other hand, glass block windows will provide extra protection as they cannot be broken easily or dismantled easily, providing resistance against forced entry. Making the glass block windows capable of acting as a brick wall at the same time as simply being a window. An additional benefit is that they will even with stand extreme weather, providing extra relief to homeowners. Glass block windows are not only beautiful, but also secure! If you have questions that have not been answered here, or any comments in regards to glass block windows feel free to ask us. If you are interested in knowing more about the Glass Block Windows, and other ways that they can improve your home, you can contact us here or call us at 480-961-3780.

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