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Alcohol Fireplace

There are many different alcohol fireplaces to choose from on the market today. These units are portable and great for the environment. If you are searching for “alcohol fireplace” or “alcohol burning fireplace“, then this post will help!

What Are Alcohol Fireplaces?

Alcohol burning fireplaces can provide up to three hours of flames and warmth with ease. These units are perfect for outdoor use. Most alcohol fireplaces will give off seven-inch flames, with crackling sounds accompanying the flames to give the feel of a traditional wood-burning unit. Most fireplaces will come with 12-24 packs of fuel (16 oz).

These units are a bit different than ethanol fireplaces. Essentially, an ethanol unit works very similarly to a candle. It burns alcohol-based ethanol fuel. You can load up the fuel by putting it into a burner container and lighting it. The size of the flame can be controlled easily, by simply reducing the opening of the burner.

Ethanol Vs Alcohol Fireplaces

What are the differences between ethanol and alcohol fireplaces? Here are just a few:


  • Portable liquid is used to refill burner pen continuously
  • Bio-degradable
  • Takes at least ten minutes to warm up and reach full potential.


  • Thicker flames produced
  • Made with mix of alcohol, water, salt and pure isopropyl
  • Flame reaches full potential after 30 seconds of lighting

Different Types Of Fireplaces

These are four other common types of fireplaces:

  • Gas Fireplace
  • Electric Fireplace
  • Masonry Fireplace
  • Wood-Burning Fireplace

Gas Fireplace

Gas fireplaces are an enticing and energy-efficient way of heating up a room in your home. Gas fireplaces are installed easier than other alternatives and usually cost less to run, which makes them great retrofit for homeowners who desire a fireplace in a room that doesn’t have one existing.

There is certainly a difference in total cost between gas and wood-burning fireplaces. Brick wood-burning fireplaces can cost a total of $5,500-$11,000, not including installation, according to Fixr. Installation charges can range anywhere from $2,500-$10,000 for wood-burning units. Pre-built gas fireplaces are considerably cheaper, ranging from $1,500-$3,000, for the unit alone.

Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces may not produce flames, but they will certainly generate heat. Electric fireplaces will project imagery of burning logs; and this image can be enhanced to your liking depending on which model you choose. LED lighting or even videos can accompany your electric unit. Wall mounting is another popular option when you choose electric over gas for your home.

Energy efficiency may be the biggest difference one can find between gas and electric versus wood-burning fireplaces. Depending on the size and model, the energy efficiency can vary widely. Most gas fireplaces come in around 70-90% in terms of converting energy to heat. The typical operating cost of a gas model is $60, per year. Costing only about $25 per year to run, electric fireplaces offer another option for homeowners looking for extra warmth during the cooler seasons.

Masonry Fireplace

Typically, masonry fireplaces are integrated into the architecture of a home or building. These are usually built at the same time as the home is being constructed, but it is possible to have one installed during a remodel or renovation. Masonry fireplaces are made of either cement, brick and mortar or natural stone. These fireplaces must meet local codes before any installations are planned.

Here are the various parts of a masonry fireplace:

  • Smoke chamber
  • Mortar crown
  • Flue
  • Firebox
  • Hearth
  • Ash Dump
  • Foundation
  • Damper
  • Lintel
  • Smoke shelf

Wood-Burning Fireplaces

There are many obvious pros of wood-burning fireplaces. First off, the obvious, as this fireplace actually produces real flames. Real flames will warm a room or area as efficiently as possible. These fireplaces also can come with an affordable price tag, starting around $8,500. Plus, routine maintenance costs are affordable, as well. The only real downside financially, is these units will cost more to install than many other fireplace units.

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