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Pergola Vs Trellis

Pergola Vs Trellis

Is a pergola or trellis best for your property? Let’s take a look at some similarities and differences between the two structures.

What Is A Pergola?

A  pergola is a large wooden shade structure, traditionally made of permanent columns affixed to the ground. This is used to support an openwork lattice or slated/solid roof. Pergolas differ from arbors, which use a latticework sidewall to support vines and other various climbing vegetation. Unlike gazebos, though, pergolas have simplified roofs instead of full roofs.

In the past, pergolas were defined as free-standing structures that provided a shaded area, typically found in backyards. The classic definition, of course, included the use of vegetation on at least one side of the structure. This definition was especially true when the pergola was draped with vegetation to form some sort of outdoor room. Pergolas will be custom designed to fit the needs of any homeowner.

Nowadays, many homeowners opt to add seating inside the “tunnel” of their arbors. Others may even replace the lattice framework with a solid roof for protection against inclement weather.

What Is A Trellis?

A greenscreen trellis is a three dimensional, welded wire system which comes in thick panels. This unique and beautiful wire system can surround fences, screens and even gazebos for a classy and elegant look. The panel’s depth creates a growing space that support plants. This wire system will also promote the healthy growth of green walls. If you need this wiring system for residential or commercial purposes, contact Diversified Builder Supply right here!

Typically, a trellis is constructed with an open framework, such as lattice. This makes it easier for plants to be supported for a long period of time. If you are looking to make a DIY trellis, the experts suggest using a lightweight wood for the project. As long as the trellis is sturdy, it will be able to support the weight of plants, as well as withstanding any inclement weather.

Best Materials To Support A Greenscreen Trellis:

  • Wrought iron.
  • Wood.
  • Strong synthetics.
  • Strong plastics.
  • Wire.
  • Monofilament (fishing wire).


Of course, backyard features will come in all shapes and sizes. Plus, you aren’t even limited to pergolas or trellises. Homeowners may decide a gazebo or an arbor fits their yard best. Some structures are best suited for supporting climbing vegetation, while others are simply there to provide shade.

When designing your landscape, ensure all features compliment each other. Lastly, choosing high-quality and durable structures is crucial.

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