When you’re searching for outdoor fireplaces design and installation in Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale, Glendale, Gilbert, Tempe, or anywhere else in the Valley of the Sun, Diversified Builder Supply, Inc., has the stone products, exciting designs, and best installation team available.  We can help you enjoy your outdoor spaces more with a fireplace.  Fireplaces add visual interest and excitement to your backyard spaces along with welcomed warmth for the cooler months in Arizona. Having an outdoor fireplace that you and your family can enjoy in the evenings sets the stage for quality time relaxing by that warm glow.

Outdoor Fireplace Design

Each home has a style of architecture and personality of its own. The addition of an outdoor fireplace should complement the house and rest of the stone work used in the yard. Diversified Builder Supply, Inc., can help you with your outdoor fireplace design. From old world rustic styles to ultra modern minimalist designs we have the right tools, raw materials, and understanding of high style stone work that will flatter any Phoenix area home.

Outdoor Fireplace Installation

Once the design of your outdoor fireplace is completed, our professional masons and installers will bring the raw materials to your home. Care will be taken getting the materials into your backyard for installation. Professional and detailed installation is promptly completed and detailed instructions for how long you should wait before using it will be left. Once we are done the only evidence our installers were ever in your yard, is the beautiful new outdoor fireplace. We clean up after our work and will leave your property in pristine condition.

Outdoor Fireplace Benefits

Fire was one of the major building blocks for our society. Its heat has helped cook our food and help build countless structures. It’s no surprise that many of us love to sit around the fire and enjoy its light and warmth. Being able to enjoy the charm of a fireplace isn’t restricted to inside our homes; outdoor fireplaces are popping up in many Arizona backyards. There are a lot of benefits to having an outdoor fireplace, here are just a few of them.

Warmth On Cooler Phoenix Nights

There is little need for warmth at night during the summer in the Phoenix area, the sun seems to take care of it for us. However with cooler nights each fall and winter a lot of people enjoy the slight chill in the air with an outdoor fireplace. Owners can still enjoy their patio or poolside with an outdoor fireplace. This means you can enjoy your backyard all year long. They are also great for parties, your guests will have somewhere they can stop, converse, and warm up.

Fun Campfire Like Cooking

Many of us have fond memories from camping as children. There is just something special and nostalgic about eating something that has been cooked on a campfire. An outdoor fireplace gives you a place in your own backyard where you can enjoy roasting a few weenies, or toasting marshmallows for some S’mores. Some creative and talented campfire chefs can also prepare dutch oven meals, or Kabobs on a outdoor fireplace. This can be a great way to connect with family or even to entertain friends and neighbors.

A Romantic Getaway In Your Backyard

Time spent in front of the warm glow and warmth of a fire is a great place to spend quality time with our loved ones. The fire offers the hypnotic dancing of flame and quiet that allows conversation. Sitting in front of a outdoor fireplace is a great way to avoid the TV and have real time together to connect. Having a view of the stars while lounging in front of the fire is one of the oldest ways that we connect with each other.

Increased Property Value

The great thing about making improvements to your home is that you get to enjoy them as you live there, and if you decide to sell your home, it is worth more. Adding an outdoor fireplace increases the amount of nights you can enjoy the backyard of your residential property. Much like the desire to have a pool, having a beautiful stone outdoor fireplace is a value adding option for Phoenix area homeowners.

Outdoor Fireplace Safety

Safety is always on our minds, and should be priority #1. Outdoor fireplaces are no exception to this rule. When picking a location for your outdoor fireplace you will want to make sure there is enough clearance around and above the fireplace. You don’t want it to be too close to your home, trees, or other structures. Safety grills are also available that will shield younger children from getting too close to the flames.