Are you searching for “Stone Installers Scottsdale” or “Stone Veneer Scottsdale” while looking for stone installation companies in Scottsdale? If so, Diversified Builder Supply, Inc., can help!  We stock, sell, and install stone and stone veneer products for residential and commercial properties.  No matter the size or style we can handle any job, big or small.  We are one of the largest stone and stone veneer suppliers in the Valley and have a wide selection for you to choose from.  Our design team will help you find stone styles and colors that will flatter your property and achieve the look you want.

About Diversified Builders Supply, Inc., Stone Installation

We are the leading installer of natural stone, manufactured, brick veneers, and precast stone here at Diversified Builder Supply, Inc. We have over 30 years of experience in custom masonry contracting that has helped us to develop a process for many building projects of various scopes and sizes – which include home exterior, cast stone veneer storefronts, brick lined arches for doors, windows, gates, entry ways, two-story stone turrets and spiral staircases in a dream home and much more.

For large scaled commercial projects to residential homes, custom designed home to site work and more, we have the skilled masons that you need to complete the job. We have great quality work, onsite supervision, and customer service that has been established as one of the most successful installation companies for brick and stone veneers for exterior walls and natural stone fireplaces in the country.

From Standard To Complex Stone Installations

Natural stone is elegant and resilient. We have the experience needed to work with natural stone from installation to complex custom inlays, edges and mosaics. We offer installation of all natural stone for kitchens, baths, pools, entrances, patios, porches and more.

Diversified Builder Supply, Inc., provides superior installation services with noticeable craftsmanship. For years now we have used only high quality materials for exterior and interior installations. Our main goal is to make sure that you are impressed and satisfied with friendly, and high quality work with outstanding service.

Stone Installation Services In Scottsdale

We offer stone installation for the whole Phoenix Metropolitan area including: residential stone installation, cultured stone installation, stone veneer installation, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Natural stone is not only exquisite, it is enduring. There are natural stone types that have preferable advantages over others, contingent upon the use. We can help you in find the right choices, guaranteeing you consider all perspectives from shading and finish, to the arrangement and thickness. We can likewise make proposals for the right stone for your specific venture.

Types Of Stone We Install

We install all stone types including natural stone and stone veneers.


This is harder than limestone and marble and has a speckled look. There is granite that has veining like marble. Granite is much harder and more durable and its harder to scratch so it is best for high traffic areas and countertops.

Romantic Surroundings

Settling down in front of a fire with your loved one, maybe having some wine, can be very romantic.  Very few features inside your home offer a possible dreamy escape, like a fireplace.  Parents who may have a hard time finding a sitter can enjoy a romantic fireside getaway, without ever having to leave the house.


It is similar to natural stone, but it isn’t stone. It is restored and maintained like natural stone. Terrazzo is made using composites from marble and other stone pieces with concrete, epoxy or both. Terrazzo is a popular option for durability and best in high traffic areas.


This stone has natural made holes in it. When it is unfilled, it is used for an earthy and rustic look. Filled travertine is more polished and has a smooth texture with an elegant finish. This is best for anything, but requires correct maintenance.

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Our experienced masons specialize in stone veneers for cast stone, thin brick, full brick, stone, and natural stone designs. Diversified Builder Supply, Inc., is one of the select installers within the Phoenix metro area. For your free estimate for natural stone installation in Scottsdale, call today. You will see the difference when you try Diversified Builder Supply, Inc.,

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